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UNC at Kentucky

Where: Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY When: Saturday, December 1st, 2:00 PM TV: ESPN Records: UNC 6-0; UK 4-1

The great road odyssey continues for the Heels who continue their hop scotching across the country to play team all over the place in some of the more hostile environments around.  The latest stop has UNC in [...]

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ACC Football Championship: Preview

Boston College vs Virginia Tech

Two things make this game very simple in my mind.   The first is the fact Virginia Tech comes in as one of the hottest teams in the country with both the offense and defense clicking.  The second is the Hokies are interested in payback for the late rally in [...]

Continue reading ACC Football Championship: Preview

Final Football Notes

Deunta Williams was named ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year earlier this week giving UNC one significant postseason player honor. Williams started at safety tallying three INTs and 57 tackles. Actually Williams had four INTs on the season but the ineptitude of the ACC officials on hand for the game against SCAR saw fit [...]

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Closing the Book on Arkansas

Quick Note: In the light of day the Tuberville thing might not be happening or it may be or perhaps he will coach both schools so he can have his fill of crazies on both sides. 

EDSBS is reporting via KNWA that Arkansas will hire Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville as their next head coach. And while [...]

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More Hand Wringing From Over the Davis Contract

First we had Caulton Tudor at the N&O and Dane Huffman at WRAL expressing their righteous indignation for the decision to raise Butch Davis’ salary to curb of any enthusiastic offers from other schools. Now, a full week later, N&O staff writer Jim Jenkins decides to offer his asinine thoughts on the matter. Based on [...]

Continue reading More Hand Wringing From Over the Davis Contract

Lawson Update and Additional Thoughts UNC-OSU

First of all, Ty Lawson has told  Andy Katz following the game last night that he is playing on Saturday:

Carolina nation can exhale. Ty Lawson will play Saturday at Kentucky.

“I’m definitely playing Saturday,” Lawson said late Wednesday night after the Tar Heels’ 66-55 win over Ohio State in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. [...]

Continue reading Lawson Update and Additional Thoughts UNC-OSU

ACC 8 Big Ten 3

It has been said that the definition of insanity doing something over and over while expecting a different result.  If this is true then the Big Ten is certifiable.  Nine times we have played this and every year the results have been the same.  Maybe it’s just me but I think it might be time [...]

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UNC 66 OSU 55

Can UNC win amid adversity?  Yes

Can the Heels win in an ugly game where the offense is not clicking?  The answer after tonight is a resounding “Yes.”


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UNC at Ohio State: Live Blog

This is like deja vu all over again. Last year UNC hosted then #1 Ohio State in a game that did not include Greg Oden. This time it is #1 UNC(I have always been an AP poll kind of guy) heading to Ohio State who is 4-1 but presently unranked. The Buckeyes beat #21 Syracuse [...]

Continue reading UNC at Ohio State: Live Blog

Live Blogging Tonight

With the 9 PM start I will crank up the live blogging a few minutes beforehand. Unfortunately for those of us who have ears and disdain the 10 second delay that causes the TV and radio to be out of sync I ran across this item reading the game guide on Tar Heel Blue:

ESPN [...]

Continue reading Live Blogging Tonight

ACC/Big Ten Challenge: Round 2

I really think we should stop this thing before the Big Ten gets hurt.


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