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One Word: Awesome

Credit to @stillwell on Twitter for this.

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O’Brien Fires Back; Chancellors Break Up The Party

Well that was exciting.


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Everett Withers Throws Six Gallons Of Gasoline On UNC-NCSU Rivalry Fire

Alternate headline: Everett Withers Making Up For Four Years of Downplaying NCSU Game All At Once.


Continue reading Everett Withers Throws Six Gallons Of Gasoline On UNC-NCSU Rivalry Fire


All jokes aside, we here at THF would like to offer our good wishes to Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski for tying Dean Smith’s career coaching record of 879 wins. Love him or hate him, there is no doubt Krzyzewski rates as one of college basketball’s all-time greats. In addition to his victories, he has four [...]

Continue reading CongRATulations!

The DTH Gives UNC and NCSU Fans Something To Agree On

And that is this column is really, really stupid.

If you would rather reserve brain cells for this weekend when copious drinking might be required, I will summarize most of the piece written by The Daily Tar Heel’s Jonathan Jones.


Continue reading The DTH Gives UNC and NCSU Fans Something To Agree On


Alternate headline: “It’s Morning in Raleigh…”

If you have paid any attention to local sports news around here in the past 48 hours, you know that NC State has decided to part ways with AD Lee Fowler after 10 years during which not much got done, at least not much that Fowler himself can solely [...]

Continue reading NCSU Boots AD

Rumblings in Raleigh

I rarely post about rival schools but since things on the Tar Heel side are fairly quiet I thought I would highlight the week NC State is having.

It all started with four NCSU football players being popped for marijuana possession. Click on the link to get my take over at TSB.

Then things turned [...]

Continue reading Rumblings in Raleigh

Q&A With StateFansNation

The new editor over at StateFansNation, D_Medlin,  contacted me about doing a Q&A in advance of the UNC-NCSU game on Tuesday. I thought it would provide some nice insight into the matchup and the current state of the Wolfpack program from an NCSU fan perspective.  My answers to his questions can be found here.


Continue reading Q&A With StateFansNation

Why We Love Marcus Ginyard

Always keeping his eye on the big picture.

Gary Parrish Takes His Turn Beating The Sendek-NCSU Horse

I am not sure what to make of this both from a timing standpoint and the “isn’t this horse dead?” perspective.  The best that I can figure is Gary Parrish had lunch with Greg Doyel, asked him for a cheap way to get some quick hits on his column and Doyel told him to write [...]

Continue reading Gary Parrish Takes His Turn Beating The Sendek-NCSU Horse

Davis Answers O’Brien

War of words.


Continue reading Davis Answers O’Brien