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UNC-College of Charleston Game Thread

One request for the Tar Heels: Whatever you do, don’t make someone’s college career relevant tonight.

Comments if you have ‘em.

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161 comments to UNC-College of Charleston Game Thread

  • marcus62660

    unc Steph…I can assure you Roy did not draw up any play at the end of the half. In fact, I’ve never seen him with a board in his hand…EVER. I’m guessing he made a verbal suggestion as to what might be a good idea to try, but drawing up plays is not in Roy’s program.

  • lviveiros

    ITA caymanheel.. Barnes has game just not putting it all together.. he obviously is frustrated but appears to handle pretty well he keeps working hard.. Bullock played well but he missed some shots .. Bullock good threat to have come in off the bench as when danny green did… Would rather see KM start .. I just do not see Bullock starting with Barnes around..

  • scl11

    HTTE, I agree the Drew experiment and benefit of doubt has run its course, even though his offense options have not improved considering the #1 recruit is currently the second coming of Marcus Ginyard.

    Starting Lineup:

    First off the bench(15-20min):
    Barnes (playing more at the 4 not just the wing)

    Playing because you have to sit Marshall at some point (10-15min):

    Should only see the court due to foul trouble or special situations like tonight when you want to switch on the high ball screens:

  • lviveiros

    hey sc11 thats not fair Barnes / Ginyard….gotta give Barnes a chance..

  • lviveiros

    oops sc11 re read it drew/ ginyard… oh ok… ya would agree with that .

  • Looks like Henson made some noise tonight, was glad to see him show up. Still putting it together, glad that Henson had a big night, still troubled by the communication and decisions. Not sure what is happening on the bench with Roy but I guess we will find out. I’m hopeful for the KY game but nervous.

  • lviveiros

    watchin espn just saw add for UNC Illini Tuesday night.. will be interesting…

  • DoctorB

    I was proud of the guys for responding when CoC ran off four straight 3 pointers including those two ABSURD shots by Goudelock that went in. Last year’s team would have panicked and given up a 15-0 run. This time, they kept playing defense and ground Charleston down. Strickland was great defending Goudelock and Henson looks like he has an offensive game now. If we can just get Barnes going… (and Drew on the bench)

  • lviveiros

    two tough games Illini and Kentucky coming up…may tell us lots about team…

  • scl11

    lviverios, you read it right the first time.
    28min, 3-12 FGs, 0-4 3p, 8pts, and 4 TO

    That looks like a Marcus Ginyard stat line if I ever seen one.

    If you are the Consensus #1 recruit, the savior of Carolina basketball, the only freshman to be voted to the Preseason AA, while your coach calls you the most focused individual he has ever recruited (even ahead of the schools All Time leading scorer), and countless articles are written about how many hours you spend working on your game, then I would expect at some point some of that would translate to the court or at least glimpses. I plan on giving Barnes plenty of time and I hope he turns it around starting Tuesday night, but right now you could plug in Travis Wear or Marcus Ginyard on the wing and it wouldn’t look much different than what we’ve seen to this point.

    The good news for Carolina fans is that it probably doesn’t look like the top pick in the draft to NBA teams either.

  • Heel in Purple

    There was nothing wrong with our defense (besides McDonald giving up backdoor to Goudelock which got him going). Our rebounding is terrible, we end up trying to challenge shots too hard and fail to close out and get boards.
    Barnes wasn’t good, but he really was just off on a few things. He will come around. All those recruiting services get it right FAR more often than not, so I expect him to start producing very shortly (Illinois on Tuesday would be a good time).
    After leading the “Drew had Ginyard and Deon to pass to” bandwagon, I have had it with him. Yes, defense was good, but you can’t be a liability EVERYWHERE on the offensive end, especially for a point guard. You need 3 guys who can score for a team to be decent or better on offense, and right now we have 2ish (Barnes/Henson, Zeller).

  • Heel To The End

    6 games in. Lipscomb, Hofstra, Minn, Vanderbilt, UNCA and CofC.
    Not exactly murderer’s row.
    LD2 with <4 ppg, <3apg, 3 total steals, shooting 24%.
    I'm disappointed more than anything else. That, so far, he's given me no reason to back him. He's regressed if anything.

  • marcus62660

    Two of our blue-chip, Mcdonalds All-America, highly recruited freshmen got 14 and 13 minutes tonight. Number eleven got 26 minutes. Compare their stat lines and let me know exacty what it is I’m missing.

  • Heel in Purple

    The dumb play-by-play guy said it himself: Marshall makes everyone around him better. ISN’T THAT THE IDEA OF BEING A POINT GUARD?! He gets everyone the ball where they need it, Barnes wouldn’t have to take as tough of shots, and Henson turns into Brandan Wright with him on the floor. Put strickland on the opposing point if you are so worried about defensive pressure.

  • I wasn’t at the game tonight but during the UNC-A game the crowd was very loud when Marshall went in for Drew. Pretty much everyone other than Roy wants to see Marshall in the game. It is Roy’s show however.

  • scl11

    ^^^^Agree HTTE, I beat the drum of look who Drew had to pass to more than anyone one and he has absolutely regressed. His defense is better, but his offense is now where to be found. He does not attack, he does not screen or move without the ball, all he does is dribble the ball 25ft from the basket and pass it to the wing. Maybe being benched will give him motivation, but right now he is a detriment to this team offensively. I don’t think @ Illinois is the time to send the message (at least not for the opening tip, maybe for start of second half), but something has to change dramatically at the PG position.

  • Heel To The End

    And do we even have 1 win over an NCAAT bound team? Thinking no.

  • 52bgJ

    me too HTTE—-time to move on. Strickland would be a better #2 at this point. Maybe Roy should give John Fox a call.

  • scl11

    Marshall and Bullock who are not only the best freshman to this point, but also two of the best players on this team period get the same abount of PT as Justin Watts.

    Yeah that makes sense.

  • 40yrheel

    if our no.1 rated player was at least above average and our primary point guard was marshall i think we win easily and are maybe undefeated.

  • caymanheel

    Actually, HIP, the main two color commentator for our games thus far, Hubert and the ageless Dan Bonner, have both been vociferously beating the K. Marshall drum in their coverage. So I think we can at least complain with a little objectivity…

  • Heel To The End

    and yet, Drew IS going to have to play. will cutting his minutes, important end of game minutes, motivate him?

  • faustus1500

    Here are some UNC freshman wing numbers I want you guys to check out.

    Player one:
    7.5 ppg 3.8 rpg 1.3 apg

    Player two:
    12.2 ppg 5.0 rpg 2.0 apg

    Player three:
    9.1 ppg 3.9 rpg ? apg

    Player four:
    2.2 ppg 0.7 rpg .6 apg.

    Player five:
    11.7 ppg 2.9 rpg 2.1 apg

    These players turned out fine. Harrison Barnes will be fine as well.

  • 52bgJ

    “and yet, Drew IS going to have to play. will cutting his minutes, important end of game minutes, motivate him?”

    is motivation the problem? I hope so. One thing Roy has to consider that we don’t is will reduced pt completely shatter what is left of his confidence-no small consideration for a real human being, or a coach. I just hope the kid will magically grow some nuts cause he’s killing those of us who have pulled for him.

    and good point faustus

  • scl11

    This is the same mismatched mess we saw last season with just different parts to this point:

    This year’s version is much better defensively, but that is of little consequence considering they are the worse defensive rebounding Carolina team in the past 20 years. Seriously, 19 offensive Rebounds by CofC, really?

    They still struggle on offense because they do not have a go to scorer yet and still have issues making perimeter shots, while their starting point guard refuses to be aggressive and attack the basket. And the two best players to fix each of these issues to date (Bullock and Marshall) sit on the bench for 3/4 of the game. Plus evidently Zeller currently wants to be more like Muffins (aka Deon Thompson) than Tyler Hansbrough.

    Running out the same lineups and minutes is not going to fix the problem. The current starters need a wakeup call or the better performers should start receiving those minutes. Hope is not a strategy and doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is known as insanity………

  • Heel To The End

    Drew’s confidence is of little consequence if all we’re losing is 3 pts and 2 assists per game.
    And, faustus, which of those players were the unquestioned #1 overall high school talent of their class?

  • The minutes, to date, need to be going to KMarshall, DStrickland, HBarnes,JHenson/TZeller,JKnox.

    Receiving next in line, RBullock,LMcDonald, and hate to say it, JWatts.

    Fewer mintues need to be distributed to Larry Drew. I still don’t understand. The kid looked pretty darn good in the NIT Tournament last year. And although it was an NIT Tournament, there were still some pretty good teams that we played. Certainly better than some of the 16th seeds in the NCAA tournament.

  • Heel To The End

    And with every bad game, I see LD2 out in California learning how to shoot 24% instead of here with teammates and alumni getting valuable CAROLINA basketball knowledge during summer games.

  • 52bgJ

    ^again-I suspect this is going to be Roy’s out, as Roy obviously needs more excuse than most to make this move.

  • gregrustin

    i want Roy freakin williams to go on the radio and tell the entire nation including kendall marshall what he has to do to get more playing time cause all of AMerica sees a different game than what Sir Roy is seeing……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • HTTE, I’d be a liar if I said that didn’t get to me some. I understand the desire to want to be with your family that’s so far away, but committing to UNC basketball is, well, committing to UNC basketball.

  • scl11

    HTTE, I’m picturing the lights off in the practice gym, music turned up loud, and Harrison Barnes playing around the world by himself from the 3 point line, while Larry Drew dribbles like crazy at the half court line.

  • william

    I don’t know about you guys, but I have a bad feeling about this.

  • makeitWayne22

    Marshall just needs to really limit the bad TO’s and he be able to stay on the court. Roy gives the quick hook once he has a bad TO. What excites me, is he ability to get to the basket. Kendall will be starting before the ACC starts. Tonight was the beginning of the transitions.

  • faustus1500


    Number 1 was the consensus No. 1 player to go to college.
    Number 2 was a consensus Top 3 recruit.

  • marcus62660

    I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. I do not believe that number eleven cares whether he is the starting point guard or not. If you haven’t figured out by now what his body language says, you’re never gonna get it. He continues to be the poster child for the “sense of entitlement” issue. Are you really worried about shattering his confidence by not starting him? He already plays with zero confidence.

  • I actually thought Roy did a better job than in previous games of utilizing the lineup possibilities. With that being said, I’d like to see Marshall have more minutes at one time than being subbed every 2 minutes. Give him an opportunity to develop some in-game chemistry with these guys.

    What I worry about is the confidence of our freshmen being shattered by the poison/whatever it was that infiltrated our team last year. Utilize their confidence and hunger RIGHT NOW! Don’t let that pessimistic attitude have a chance to engage our young guys. Their youth and naievety are actually positives right now.

  • scl11

    “I actually thought Roy did a better job than in previous games of utilizing the lineup possibilities.”

    It is the exact same rotations he has done for the first 5 games, what was different?

  • Heel To The End

    Can anyone tell me how many minutes Marshall and Barnes have played together this season? Seriously. Anyone?

  • He put Drew in and put Strick on that Goudelock guy after he went off. I guess he could have been proactive and forseen this, as most great coaches would, but at least he made the adjustment there. Like I said SCL11, that was only just one thing I can think of to compliment on. I agree that the 7 should be nailed down by now. And unless Drew starts playing like he did in the NIT tournament, sit’em down for a while until he earns his way back up maximizing his play when on the court.

  • HTTE, it does seem when KMarshall is in the game it is without the guys he needs to be playing alongside with. And he still manages to play well. We should be nailing down our 7 now!!!

  • marcus62660

    If we assume that Roy Williams and his staff looks at game film (not an unreasonable assumption) and grades each player on their overall performance, then factors in the statistics line for each player, and then determines a depth chart, how is it possible not to see the glaring production differences between Kendall Marshall and number eleven?

  • LarryS

    Besides the fact that Kendall Marshall seems to inspire his teammates, and makes things happen, his numbers are also pretty darn good so far. And if his lack of PT is based on ineffective D, then the staff is definitely seeing something I’m missing.

    Here are KM’s per-minute numbers through the first 6 games, based on a 40 minute game, compared to LDII.

    Kendall Marshall:

    PPG = 12
    APG = 11.7
    TOPG = 4.5
    SPG = 2.7
    A/TO Ratio = 2.7 to 1
    FG% = 71.4%
    3P% = 66.7%
    FT% = 50%


    PPG = 6.1
    APG = 4.5
    TOPG = 3.2
    SPG = .8
    A/TO Ratio = 1.4 to 1
    FG% = 24%
    3P% = 20%
    FT% = 56%

    It’s obvious Kendall needs to work on his FT’s.

  • Good job LarryS! Yeah, Kendall needs to increase his FT percentage if he expects more playing time under Roy. We all know Roy won’t play you if your FT percentage is not up to par.

  • marcus62660

    LarryS…I was getting ready to run those numbers out myself…thanks for saving me the trouble. Numbers do not lie. Who in their right mind would continue this pattern of inefficiency?

  • 52bgJ

    I didn’t say I was worried-everyone seems at a loss for why Roy won’t pull the trigger-I was just offering a possible reason since the tangibles have been addressed.

  • gregrustin

    does drew have mafia connections?? cause all of America is wondering how he is doing this con job on Roy.

  • makeitWayne22

    Barnes needs to get a lot of time with kendall. Just to get into a rhythm out there. He seems a lot like Carter his freshman year. Not quite sure how to attack. Kendall can find barnes in spot where he can be the most effective.

  • gregrustin

    i cannot believe the feeling I had when KMarshall,bullock,barnes et al were in there together and they were starting to run, and we were scoring and I suddenly had a shockingly terrible thought go through my mind. I was dreading a TV timeout because like all of you, I knew that would mean ROY would do his “overanalyzing” thing he does and send in subs………..and just like that it happened. Roy Williams…love em hate em

  • carolinablue74

    Roy’s subbing pattern makes no sense anymore. Right now the excuse for benching KM in favor of Larry is that Larry is a better defender. So here grows the myth of Larry Drew’s defense, like the chupacabra and the big foot. Yet, no one can tell me what exactly he did on the defensive end that was earth-shattering. On the offense he sucked, period. On the defensive end he is being credited with guarding a player he did not guard. So why was he in the game for a such a long time to post such a pathetic stat line is beyond me. If coach is unwilling to have his best players on the court, then he cannot complain about losing. Illinois will abuse Drew and this team.

  • marcus62660

    Bobby Cremins has obviously given Goudelock the green light to take over the offense any time he feels like it. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch if Roy would give Barnes the same chance? We’re never gonna really know what this guy can do until the leash is removed, but I’m afraid Roy’s stubbornness will eventually squelch Barnes’ real talent. Every time we get a close-up of Barnes, his facial expressions remind me of somebody screaming to be let out of a cage.

  • gregrustin

    on a lighter note….I certainly enjoyed the John Henson “Sam Perkins” baby hooks. maybe he is finally onto something!!!!

  • LarryS

    Marcus, I wouldn’t exactly characterize Harrison’s play as having a leash on it. He leads the team in FG attempts, and if he was shooting a really good percentage, instead of his current 35%, I’m sure Roy would pretty much give him the green light.

  • marcus62660

    LarryS…Roy’s system has never given me even the slightest hint that he would ever allow anybody to do what Goudelock did tonight.

  • faustus1500

    ^Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant had the offense essentially run through them. They also had a decent point guards and better support. The offense isn’t geared to the players Roy has. The players have to adjust to Roy.

  • marcus62660

    “The players have to adjust to Roy.”

    Therein lies the problem, particularly when you have a player with Barnes’ potential. You won’t ever know how your horse will really run until you take off the reins.

  • ugatarheel

    OK it’s obvious that Larry Drew is part of the problem, and not part of the solution. I’m not going to beat that dead horse anymore then it’s already been done. It’s also obvious that everybody is aware of this but Roy. Nothing more needs to be added to that either.

    Boy what happened to Zeller tonight? He should have feasted on a smaller line up like Henson did but he sure did a disappearing act for most of the night. Knox looked much better then his stat line. Henson looked great but is that because he was playing against smaller opposition or because he is starting to find his game? At least he shot 75% from the line. That’s a miracle in and of it self if you ask me. Barnes looked awful, Bullock looked pretty good, at least he shot 50% from the field and knows how to run the court during the break. McDonald had a good night, but how reliable is that really? He’s looked like dog meat since Hofstra. Strickland had good D and really should be groomed to back up the point since he can’t consistently shoot from outside. Marshall we all know about, repeating it all over again here isn’t going to get him the starting job though. Those of you who still live in NC, is there a call in portion to Roy’s radio show? If so, how about get a campaign going to flood the lines with stark Marshall now calls.

  • chapelhillfan

    I can’t add much to the great commentary guys. No objective person can make a straight-face argument for why Drew is starting and playing so much. He either has pictures of Roy in compromising positions or Roy is pulling one of those “I’m playing Drew to the bitter end b/c I’m the coach and I care more and know more than any Carolina fan” stubborn moments that is the least desirable part of his personality. I do agree that the next two games are not the time to bench Drew, but otherwise I couldn’t care less whether benching him upsets him or his confidence. Finally, I am starting to feel much better about Cody Zeller turning us down; we need more low-post players like Knox who play with toughness.

  • 52bgJ

    “McDonald had a good night, but how reliable is that really? He’s looked like dog meat since Hofstra.”

    yeah, plus that will trash my narrative if he stays on track—-geezus H.

    “Marcus, I wouldn’t exactly characterize Harrison’s play as having a leash on it. He leads the team in FG attempts, and if he was shooting a really good percentage, instead of his current 35%, I’m sure Roy would pretty much give him the green light.”

    spot on Larry-it doesn’t even merit discussion.

  • dsteele23

    Man i just feel Roy needs to get more guys that TRUELY care about playing for UNC, cares about the program and the history and wants to make and be a part of history in a good way! This is starting to remind me of the days just b4 Roy arrived! Those teams were just uuuuuuuuugh! Prime example, Illinois players are amping themselves up for “revenge” for the ’05 title loss to UNC! heck most of the guys on the Illinois team now were barely in high school. Yet they are using this as motivation. They r taking pride in playing for Ill and want to make an example tonight! When are the UNC players gonna do the same? I’m getting scared that answer is NEVER! and how bout Shabazz Muhammad the top wing guy an absolute BEAST is coming to visit yet again Saturday vs Kentucky! UK is on his radar as well….This guy is the key to 2012 class for UNC and if we lay an egg at home vs a team that is wanting him just as bad(along with Louisville and dook) OMG he maybe scared off watching Roy saying wow what is he coaching these guys