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Barnes Questionable For Wednesday[UPDATED x2]

UPDATE #2: According to a UNC spokesman, Barnes went through full practice and barring any setbacks will play vs Wisconsin on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Roy Williams offered nothing new on Barnes(as expected) but Barnes himself told a UNC spokesman he planned on fully practicing today.

Then again aren’t we all questionable on Wednesdays?

Harrison Barnes is still dealing with the after effects of an injury to his ankle suffered against UNLV on Saturday night. During the first half, Barnes was chasing down a lose ball and rolled the ankle. He did return to the game and played the rest of the way in UNC’s first loss of the season. Barnes did not have a good shooting night which looked to be the case even before the ankle injury.

Roy Williams said last night during his call-in show that Barnes did not practice on Monday and would not have played had there been a game. His status will be reevaluated with hopes the sophomore forward can play versus Wisconsin.

If Barnes cannot go then either Reggie Bullock or P.J. Hairston would start in his place. My money would be on Bullock getting the starting nod but we would see plenty of both. Bullock and Hairston have had some nice performances in the early going here, especially from behind the arc. Giving them some really meaningful minutes at this stage of the season would actually be a good thing over the long haul.

Roy has a press conference at 2 PM but I would not bet on any new information since UNC has not practiced yet and Roy usually doesn’t see the players before these pre-practice press gatherings.

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39 comments to Barnes Questionable For Wednesday[UPDATED x2]

  • AZACCFan

    The sprain looked awful on TV. But it was slow speed and his full body weight was not on it. Also the pre-game ankle support that they have helps as well. I am sure he had plenty of ice on it at half time and afterward.

    Barnes is really tough. He will play if he can.

  • TarheelCuz

    We love us some tough

  • Racerman27410

    I’m interested in how the boys will react to the UNLV loss….

    will they get tough or will they fold?

    I’m hoping they get tough!

    Go Heels!!!

  • AZACCFan

    Marshall says he thinks Barnes will play as of this afternoon’s press conference on UNC Site.

  • Heel To The End

    whether he doesnt play, plays a normal amount, or plays reduced minutes, we have enough weapons to win.

  • gregrustin

    what happened in vegas……..

    lets face it, our success depends on what kind of game is called by refs. vegas was a trap game with WWE refs. if dook refs show up, we have problems cause we are not aau wrestlers. if basketball refs show up, no one can match our length. “dems the fax”

  • avatar LarryS

    “what happened in vegas…….”

    That brought a smile to my face, greg. Cliche, but very appropriate.

  • faustus1500

    If Barnes can’t go, I want Bullock to start under one condition. UNC runs some play to free him up from outside. I like Bullock but he is tentative going to the hoop. Believe me, if I had to his knee problems I would be as well. I think getting him some easy looks will work wonders for his confidence.

  • npods23

    Barnes will bounce back pretty quickly, he turned the ankle but not all of his body weight was on the ankle. On a side note, just received a commitment from 2013 PG Nate Britt which means that our PGs for the next few years are all lefty.

  • UNCfansince76

    Dook loses by a dozen or so….calling it [email protected] 9:40pm.

  • makeitWayne22

    I am a firm believer that the team ultimately picks the roles of the players, and PJ’s role was defined in Vegas. The 4th scoring option on the team, and a player that can carry the heels for 3-4 possessions, or stop a run..

    I dont like the arrogance the tar heels are playing with this year. That havent earned that… An elite 8 is nothing to hang your hat on at UNC.

  • Dude

    What was that crazy thing Coach K did when dook went down 9-0? I didnt know you could do that.

  • plibt

    it’s fun to watch duke’s moving screens every time they show a replay of a made three

    also have yall heard about how good this rivers guy is? I heard he could really get to the rim in high school~~~!!!!!~~~!!!

  • UNCfansince76

    UNLV played the game of the year. Somehow UNC manages to bring out the best in nonconference schools. I liked the press conference after the loss. The team including Roy responded like true champions… they know the mistakes they made…I feel that they will prevail ‘big’ tomorrow night. I hated that we lost so early into the season but the plus side is…THIS TEAM needed a REALITY check.

  • Heel To The End

    i think we see why K doesnt do OOC road games.

  • faustus1500

    Guys….Welcome to the reason why I think UNC needs a lot of work. Ohio State is good at all of UNCs weak points.

  • plibt

    sullinger would eat tyler zeller

  • faustus1500

    and Buford will torch Dex and Craft will fluster Marshall.

  • Stop. For the love of Dean Smith just stop. Geez.

  • plibt

    OSU fans chanting “daddy’s boy” at Rivers… now that’s a home crowd

  • faustus1500


    I am guessing you are not watching the Ohio State game.

  • plibt

    not much to talk about in this game………just more free time to worry about carolina

  • faustus1500

    I think UNC is going to be fine in the ACC play. I just think that Ohio State is the best team in the country right now.

  • Stratplans

    It’s only November! K is already working on having L removed from his lifetime record.

  • Heel To The End

    i am having a blast watching Murton Plumlee. and his other brother Murton.
    has anyone seen Ryan Kelly? is he stroking his Zoubeard on the bench?

  • Stratplans

    It’s only November! K is already working on having L removed from his lifetime record.

  • plibt

    lol technical difficulties. they’ll play for 45 seconds then have an official timeout.

    gotta love it

  • faustus1500

    Why does Hairston look like Mini Admiral Akbar?

  • plibt

    K gave up on his starters… here come the duke fans’ justifications “we played our freshmen, of course we lost”

  • faustus1500

    Seriously!!!! Was Shelden Williams a Russian Babushka doll? Did he have a smaller version of himself hiding inside?!!!!

  • Heel To The End

    Doc Rivers with the smiling thumbs up as his kid made a 3…when dook is down 22.
    team player, Doc!

  • UNCfansince76

    Ohio St. Will be worn down come March… I guarantee the Heels coaching staff is taking notes on this a**whippin’… we will destroy Wisconsin tomorrow…


  • 52bgJ

    obligatory cheap shot

  • plibt

    it’s amazing how consistent dick vitale is.

    he’s equally unbearable every game.

  • 52bgJ

    like a swiss watch

  • Heel To The End

    doesnt dook have any bench players? apparently not.
    stay classy, coach k.
    its all about sportsmanship, am i right? leader of men.

    “why is Tyler still in the game?”
    didnt you ask something like that once, k?

  • 52bgJ

    Craft thoroughly enjoying this…as am I

    ^absolutely a leader-you are correct Sir!

  • AZACCFan

    Dick Vitale:

    “The Duke Players are not athletes. They are basketball players, but they are not athletes.”

    I sure hope he doesn’t say that tomorrow night.

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