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What do Reggie Bullock, Ronald Reagan, and Da’Norris Searcy Have In Common?

They’re all part of Tuesday’s UNC news and notes.

** Reggie Bullock has been named the ACC’s Rookie of the Week after his career-high 18-point outburst against Clemson that kept the Tigers winless in Chapel Hill.  Hard to believe, but Bullock is UNC’s first winner of the ROW honor since Brandan Wright in 2007. Bullock has been a solid offensive weapon off the bench and hopefully the week off has allowed the swelling in his knee to subside and he can return to 100%.

** On his radio show Monday night, Roy Williams confirmed the long-rumored game-on-an-aircraft-carrier against Michigan State has been booked for Veterans Day, November 11, 2011, in San Diego. Inside Carolina is reporting that speculation is the game could be played on the USS Ronald Reagan, but that particular detail has not been worked out.

** As UNC’s senior football players involved in the NCAA investigation are headed out on their own to combines and interviews with NFL team and away from the protective veil of the University, it is logical to expect heretofore unknown details about specifics and the scope of the inquiry to start coming out. In his preparations for the Shrine Bowl, Marvin Austin said he would be truthful about his situation with NFL teams and to expect those details to be leaked.

The latest former Tar Heel to pierce the cone of silence is Da’Norris Searcy, who is practicing for the Senior Bowl this week. Ken Tysiac of ACC Now writes that Searcy says he was exonerated of any wrongdoing as it related to the academic prong of the UNC football mess. Searcy was held out three games as a precaution but says he doesn’t blame UNC officials as he understood they were seeking to avoid playing anyone who might be ineligible.

Searcy’s story provides a cautionary tale for those who would seek to make presumptions of guilt or innocence on anything related to the academic prong of the investigation. At some point between now and 2037 the NCAA will get around to showing their hand about what went on within the Tar Heel football program and what they plan to do about it. Until then, ABCers can dream about letters of inquiry and lack of institutional control while the Butch-bots can stick their heads in the sand and pretend it was all a bad dream like Bobby Ewing on Dallas.

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42 comments to What do Reggie Bullock, Ronald Reagan, and Da’Norris Searcy Have In Common?

  • Wilf

    Da’Norris was in Pam’s shower?

    Seriously, from the way recruits have spoken about Butch assuring them things will be OK, I get the feeling the NCAA is not gonna hammer us. I doubt Butch would risk lying just to get recruits here, because they certainly wouldn’t have much faith in him if the $hit was to hit the fan.

    It would be so nice to have a 2011 without all the BS.

  • 850inExile aka UNC RAJ

    “At some point between now and 2037 the NCAA will get around to showing their hand about what went on within the Tar Heel football program ”

    That’s the way it should work, but the way it probably will work is that they will announce their decisions, as well as UNC’s punishment, without ever publishing their evidence or even trying to make sure that whatever punishment they give UNC matches any past precedent (which would be impossible since they have been so notoriously inconsistent in handing out punishment that it would be impossible to even determine what “past precedent” is anymore…)

    Screw the NCAA

    (And fire Dick Baddour)

  • OldSchool

    I could do without the game on an aircraft carrier. I guess it’s part of a support the troops campaign, but it sure seems like the military/sports link is getting bigger every day.

  • drjervin

    How can you hear “Carolina basketball on an aircraft carrier” and not get excited?! It’s just …. awesome! I have a friend at work who is a Michigan State fan. The last couple years have been fun with him and the bets we have been making. If they sell tickets to this game, I’m going. Hands down this will be one of the best basketball games to tell people you have gone to.

  • Heel To The End

    hm. aircraft carrier.
    gives new meaning to shooting so poorly that you cant throw it in the ocean.

  • Doc

    ^I was actually thinking it gave new meaning to the famous Micheal Ray Richardson quote, “the ship be sinking.”

  • Silent Sam

    I can’t wait to hear the logistics of playing a college basketball game on a CVN. Will they play on the flight deck or hangar deck? What is the seating capacity for a hoops game on a bird farm? What are the security precautions? Restrooms? Concession stands? I’m sure time will tell . . .

    Go Heels!

  • Heel To The End

    extra credit to any players sporting a flat top.

    you HAVE to have it on the flight deck, dont you? for the visual of it. there’d be what…100 ft on either side of the court?

  • drjervin

    Danger zone

  • Heel To The End

    Hey-O! Top Gun reference #1.

  • TheUNCFan

    And I thought Alexander Memorial Coliseum had a bad shooter’s eye. Imagine being outdoors on an aircraft carrier trying to shoot it in the basket and the depth perception you’d need against the sky or ocean as the ship pitches. Hopefully the sea won’t be too choppy. What are the rules if a seagull or something lands on the basket?

    I hope this is an exhibition game.

  • Heel To The End

    all players are required to wear PFDs.

    David Robinson needs to be there.

  • nativeheel

    It sounds like this will be a fun game by any account. In their later years these players will be able to tell their grandchildren about the most unusual game that they ever played while a Tar Heel. Hope it is on the tube.

  • PRGuy

    Cue the Saturday Night Live “I’m on a Boat” video…

  • HeelYeah

    It would be just like a backyard game… a gust of wind blowing your shot off course, the sun getting in your eyes. They should use a cheap portable goal with the base filled with water/sand (like a lot of kids grew up playing on). They could lower the rims at the end so Blue Steel and the other bench warmers could do nasty dunks.

    Or how about having it on an ACTIVE flight deck? That would give new meaning to a moving screen.

  • LarryP

    “You can be my wing man anytime.” -Ice Man to Maverick

    Top Gun reference No. 2.

  • 850inExile aka UNC RAJ

    Raise the stakes - loser has to swim back to shore?

  • LarryP

    Loser has to swab the deck.

  • makeitWayne22

    So in Reggie’s first real opportunity at the 2 he wins acc rookie of the week, I’ll let u marinate on that.

  • Heel To The End

    Marinate? Niiiiiiice.
    from the Latin, marinus, meaning “of the sea”.

  • Heel in Purple


    I’m worried about the Bullock knee thing. Guy here at EasyU went to school with him in Kinston. He said he wasn’t Vince or anything, but he had some bounce back before the surgery in high school.

    Doesn’t matter where we play MSU. Its like The Streak. I am worried about wind. It might have to take place in the hangar deck.

  • makeitWayne22

    I worried about dex’s shot, nothing he has done makes my worries go away.

  • UNCmonkey

    I don’t really think of Dex as a jump shooter - which I guess makes it all that much more perplexing that he is our starting 2 guard, but there must be something in practice that makes him the best option at that spot. I do think the more time he gets on the court with KM maybe helps him get better looks - which hopefully translates to better shotting % - which hopefully builds confidence - which hopefully brings out some more of that aggressive play he showed earlier this year - and all that hopefully translates into more wins. I hope (LOL)

  • uncgirl50

    I’m on a boat and, it’s going fast and, I got a nautical themed pashmina afghan. I’m the king of the world, on a boat like Leo. If you’re on the shore, then you sho’ not me-o.(That was for you PRGuy!)

    So now they want to get beat on an aircraft carrier? Fine with me. But seriously, this is going to be way cool.

  • partsman5521

    Please tell me who came up with the idea to play on a boat and who has that kind of pull to get it done? Was it Obama? Did he want to play with the boys some more and was worried that one of our guys might foul him again? I really don’t know if I like this idea or not. It might be just the thing that MS needs to finally beat us. I can hear there fans now if they do win. “Hey remember when we beat Carolina, yea, you remember, it was the game on the boat”.

  • 850inExile aka UNC RAJ

    “Hey remember when we beat Carolina, yea, you remember, it’s was the game on the boat”.

    In the unlikely event that happens the obvious rebuttal is “hey remember the 10th (or was it 12th?) time we beat Michigan State, yeah, you remember, in the National Championship game”

    I think this is a great idea because there would be tremendous media coverage for days leading up to the game and the game itself would probably be telecast nationwide. That kind of publicity is bound to be good for recruiting.

  • For what it’s worth, guys, on Leslie’s Facebook, his status was about being on the way to Miami. This prompted the question about whether he had been cleared to play, to which he responded ‘yessir,’ so looks like he’ll be clear to rain threes!

    I’m very excited about the aircraft carrier game. It just sounds so cool haha.

    Also, I’m not sure how much younger I am than a lot of you guys on this board, but I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted into Carolina over the weekend, and I’m glad to join the family! (:

  • Heel To The End

    ^thats awesome. welcome aboard! (see what i did there?)

    i was accepted over the weekend, also. 30 years ago.

  • Silent Sam

    Click here http://www.navsource.org/archives/02/027622.jpg if you want to see a photo of the Reagan’s flight deck.

  • Heel To The End

    did NC State only score 19 pts the final 26 minutes of their game?
    holy crap.

  • LarryS

    College basketball can be baffling as hell.

    Seton Hall (previously 8-12, 2-6 Conf. and #192 OE) scored 90 pts. against #10 Syracuse (#16 DE), and beat them by 22……at Syracuse.

  • Heel To The End

    Syracuse always seems to have these stretches. not sure if its just hot shooting opponents or a lapse in the focus of their zone.
    all i know is i need 4 teams that finish above dook for #1 seeds.

    whats more baffling than State only scoring 16 2nd half points is that they had 12 game turnovers, only 10 FT attempts, but only had 48 FG attempts.
    what were they doing the rest of the time?

  • LarryS

    OSU and SDS are doing their job. You gotta think the Big East teams will beat each other up though, and let Duke squeeze by. Someone in the ACC needs to step up and take care of business with them another 2 or 3 times.

  • Zwickers Revenge

    I think the aircraft carrier will be an odd venue because I’m not sure how you can really have an audience. I think the vibe may be like playing a scrimmage.

  • Heel To The End

    ^speaking of Serge Zwikker, i saw him at the Canes game last night.

  • faustus1500

    Well, the Georgia Tech loss doesn’t seem as bad now. The Jackets thumped Virginia Tech at home as well.

  • gjc3hy

    Anyone have any sense about how the game/court/arena will be set up on the ship?

  • Misplaced Tar Heel

    For those with the need for speed:

    I’d say the carrier game is most likely going to be played in the hanger bay, and that it will only be for the guys stationed on the ship. I say this after having done 4 years on the Harry S Truman prior to getting my weekend invite to join Carolina.

    I figure this because they regularly set up court and play in the hanger bays while out to sea for “fun” days, and that every time we had major guests/concerts/events, it was almost always pretty exclusively for the ship’s crew.

    I just wish UNC had come played for me! Course, those were the Doh years. Still, would have been more fun than that Fox Sports Football special that they did for us.

    Anyhow, that’s the most likely scenario if the game is played with the ship out to sea. If it is played with the ship docked, well there’s no telling how they’ll set it up.

    Assuming it is out to sea, want to take bets on who gets sea sick first?

    Just coverin’ y’alls 6′s,


  • LarryS

    Tom Izzo just dismissed MSU’s best assist man (though not necessarily doing that well in other areas), junior Korie Lucious (24 Min. PG), for the rest of the season.

    The Spartans definitely have their work cut out for them.

  • chapelhillfan

    No disrespect at all intended to the Navy (I’ve got the utmost respect for the armed forces), but this idea of playing a sanctioned game on an aircraft carrier has to be one of the dumbest I have heard in quite sometime. Great for publicity and recruiting, I agree, but awful otherwise.

    Roy to the first player with a reckless drive and charging foul: “Son, your ego’s writing checks your body can’t cash!”

    Sorry, too easy.

  • 850inExile aka UNC RAJ

    Over on ESPN Jim Rome, Around the Horn, and PTI were all giving this idea rave reviews today. Its going to be a publicity goldmine … and a really cool thing to do.