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UNC vs. BC: Beyond the Box

The Tar Heels’ performance during yesterday’s game against B.C. can really be defined by the answer to one question: was Carolina’s starting five on the court?  When they were, UNC not only looked good, they looked really good, outscoring the Eagles in each of the four stints to a combined total of 32-4.  However, when at least one starter was on the bench, things got sloppy, to the point that B.C. actually ended up outscoring the Heels 56-51.  Hopefully, this was just a case of lack of focus from the bench, as that can easily be cured with good competition and a close(r) game.  If it is a sign of a pending slump from Bullock and Hairston, then that would be a far larger concern.

Four Factors

While UNC did out-shoot the Eagles on both two-point (50.0%) and three-point field goals (35.7%), because 47.4% of BC’s FGA were from behind the arc, as far as the Four Factors are concerned, the shooting in this game was basically a wash (UNC eFG%: 50.8; BC eFG%: 50.0).  Despite the relatively even shooting, UNC was able to build a large advantage in floor percentage, scoring on 55.8% of its possessions, versus only 40.3 for B.C, and the reasons for this are plainly evident when the remaining Four Factors are considered.  UNC has certainly shown more aggressiveness this season on both the offensive glass (OR%: 33.3) and in getting to the line (FTR: 31.8), but despite this, they still enjoyed a sizable advantage over B.C., particularly from the line, where the Heels had 12 more attempts (and 13 more makes) than did the Eagles.  UNC was also terrific when it came to turnovers.  The Heels’ trapping defense (when it was used) was far more active/effective yesterday than we have seen previously this season, and was instrumental in forcing B.C. to turn the ball over on 27.0% of their possessions (second best of the season).  And despite the seemingly sloppy nature of the game, UNC again demonstrated a very strong ability to hold onto the ball, turning it over only 14.9% of the time.  It doesn’t matter how good or bad the competition is, any time a team can get a shot off in more than 85% of their possessions they are getting the job done.

Statistical Highlights

  • Yesterday’s game was the Heels’ 4oth-consecutive win when reaching 10.0 in both steal% (12.2) and block% (10.5).
  • With a DR% of 81.1, the Heels now have 6 games this season in which they have grabbed 8 out of every 10 available rebound on the defensive glass.  Only the 2007 team has had more under Roy Williams (7).

Beyond the Box: Player Impact Ratings


In a game that was dominated by UNC’s starting 5, it was once again the Big 3 along the frontline who did the lion’s share of  the work.  All three produced ORtgs over 130.0 while scoring on 22 of their combined 34 possessions (Floor%: 64.7).  But more importantly, all three made significant contributions in other facets of the game, combing to contribute 21 rebounds, 5 steals, 5 blocks, 3 assists, against only 3 turnovers.

This type of performance has become customary over the last couple of weeks, as all three players are averaging a P.I.R better than 33.0 over the last 5 games (see below).  While this essentially represents the status quo for Henson and Zeller, it marks a significant uptick for Harrison Barnes, who has been nothing short of awesome since back-to-back 9-point games in the middle of December.  Over the last four games, Barnes has averaged 21.2 PPG (37.0 P/40), 5.8 RPG and 2.0 SPG, with an eFG% of 65.5 and the following ORtgs: 1775. 164.5, 128.1, and 140.7.  In the last BTB, I made reference to the elite company that John Henson was keeping with his 10+-point improvement in ORtg from last season.   Well, Barnes’ current ORtg is 117.1 (thanks in large part to a 50.0 FG% and 51.3 3P% for the season), which is 10.6 points greater than what he produced last season (106.5).  You don’t have to dig too much deeper to figure out why UNC has improved from 38th to 8th in the nation in adjusted Offensive Efficiency.

Season P.I.R.

The cumulative impact ratings for each player can be found below.  A player’s average P.I.R., both for the season and the last five games only considers games in which the player officially logged at least 1 minute of game time.  The C.V. is a measure of variation; the smaller the percentage, the more consistent the player’s performance has been.  While it is not technically correct to use in this instance, because P.I.R. is an interval scale (it can go into the negative), it still has some value for the top-tier players, who will likely have a positive P.I.R. in every game.

PlayerP.I.R.AverageC.V.Last 5
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63 comments to UNC vs. BC: Beyond the Box

  • BoyWilliams


    Gitty up, gitty up, gitty up, let’s go
    We’re ridin’ on Barnes to the Superdome
    ‘Cause we need, yea we need, yea we need that guy from Ames
    to raise up our Heels from ‘very good’ to ‘great’
    And we won’t, no we won’t, no we won’t enjoy the Spring
    unless the Harrison, for Roy, gets one more ring
    Ba ba ba ba ba ba baaaaa
    Ba ba ba ba ba ba baaaaa….

    (hum on a loop until April)

  • drjervin

    McAdoo looks good but never efficient. Is it rebounds that make him so high or is he better on offense than he looks in real time?

  • ^Mostly the rebounds, as he has a solid DR% (17.5) and his OR% (10.8) is second on the team (Zeller). His offense is still off, but a lot of that strikes me as a freshman who is trying to do too much with limited minutes. Would not surprise me at all if he is next year’s version of Thomas Robinson… a guy who saw limited minutes last year because of the Morrises, but now is a double-double monster and leading candidate for NPOY.

  • tht23

    I think this game was easily the most EFFICIENT game of Barnes’ career, it seemed like he didn’t get the ball all that much, but when he did, he seriously took advantage.

    Also, you can look at offensive ratings and see henson and zeller be right there with barnes, but what that rating doesn’t take into account is the fact that the field goal attempts that barnes takes are so much more difficult because he doesn’t have marshall throwing pinpoint passes to him for an easy layup nearly as much as zeller and henson do.

  • AZACCFan

    You are right about the drives. However Marshall does pass the ball to Barnes frequently for outside shots that take little movement or are just catch and shoot.

  • LarryP

    A side note: Two former UNC football players were interviewed live on national TV this weekend after their NFL teams’ playoff wins. T.J. Yates and Hakim Nicks were both instrumental in the wins of the Houston Texans and the N.Y. Giants, respectively. Yates played under control as the Texans third-string QB forced into action by injuries and Nicks caught passes for 115 yards and two TDs for the Giants.
    I recommend that T.J. be put back on the “I’m a Tar Heel” video at Deandome games: “I’m T.J. Yates and I’m a Tar Heel. Any objections?”

  • I fully support that notion Larry. And Hakeem Nicks looked terrific today!!!

  • deepenwide

    Yates broke lots of records here.

  • makeitWayne22

    Yates and Nicks are more proof of the amount of talent wasted by the last coaching regime. Good for them thou

  • chapelhillfan

    These types of observations are more practically helpful than the percentages — i.e., put your best 5 on the court and play. Thanks cmichael.

  • LarryS

    “However, when at least one starter was on the bench, things got sloppy, to the point that B.C. actually ended up outscoring the Heels 56-51. Hopefully, this was just a case of lack of focus from the bench, as that can easily be cured with good competition and a close(r) game. If it is a sign of a pending slump from Bullock and Hairston, then that would be a far larger concern.”

    Since the bench was 4/18 shooting, and none of them outside of Hairston had much going on shooting-wise, this would certainly implicate them in the drop offs when substituting, at least offensively .

    Furthermore, since JMM has been very awkward with his offensive game, and since Bullock’s and Hairston’s biggest value, long-range shooting, can often be less than predictable, then the bench scoring will likely be the biggest wild card game in and game out.

    That’s why I see the perimeter game as important to their success but not necessarily dependent on it. In other words, those first four guys listed above in the PIR rating are what this team is fundamentally about, and everyone else just helps complete the package. And if the bench has a tough day getting the ball in the basket, then they have to compensate with tough D and hitting the boards hard, which Bullock and JMM did in this game.

  • DougNichols

    JMM can be a beast on the rebounding, but all too often he looks like he’s trying to prove himself out there on the scoring side and is taking a lot of shots from bad angles or trying to do too much with the ball. There have been multiple instances where he’s received the ball at the top of the three point line and I felt like covering my eyes because I knew there was going to end up being a steal or a charge.

    The sooner JMM can figure out what his role is and get comfortable being a rebounder and a close to the basket player, the better.

  • Im not as optimistic about JMM’s developmental curve as some of you all are. To me, he is not Steve Bucknall or Ranzino Smith. We have historically had other guys who have improved season to season here at UNC. What I see in McAdoo is a strong man, has the ability to score inside, and can rebound. All good qualities. But, his game will be the same tomorrow as today. He will give you good minutes, will look like a star from time to time, and will have unproductive games. What other players like him give you is more of a well-rounded game. Bucknall and Smith could dribble, drive, shoot, pass, etc. McAdoo’s game is limited, but I think he can still be a 4 year contributor off the bench here at UNC, and will have some double doubles in some of the lesser competetive games. Not bad for a good bench player. Glad to have him.

  • makeitWayne22

    “but I think he can still be a 4 year contributor off the bench here at UNC, and will have some double doubles in some of the lesser competetive games. Not bad for a good bench player. Glad to have him”

    LOL… 4 year bench player…

  • McAdoo has as much chance of being a four-year bench player as I do. He will start next year in place of Zeller, and likely be the 2nd or 3rd player taken in the 2013 draft. And that’s not my opinion, that’s basically the opinion of every person who makes a living predicting drafts…

  • makeitWayne22

    I thought we learned last year, not to write off freshmen in Jan.

  • LarryS

    ^Amen……you beat me to it!

  • ^^If there is ever a “Holy Grail” of “Rules” posted here, that will be very high on the list.

    And I think in this case, it is even more important to reserve judgement because JMM is seeing (very) limited minutes backing up two studs, while Barnes got the start from day 1.

  • Asheville Heel

    Ranzino Smith, Steve Bucknall, huh what?

  • scl11


    Everyone said similar things about Vince Carter when he played limited minutes his first year in Chapel Hill as well.

    4 year bench player, too funny

  • DougNichols

    If JMM stays past his Sophomore season I would be shocked.

  • LarryS

    One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that this year’s bench (and I’m basically talking about 6 through 8 - the players with the most MPG past the starters) is much improved over last year, obviously from the freshmen talent infusion and a healthy Reggie Bullock.

    Too bad we haven’t gotten to see what Leslie McDonald could have done this year, at least so far, but here’s a brief quantification of the improvement. And when JMM gets it going , offensively, look out. (Though from these scoring numbers he is actually doing better than I suspected)

    -Bullock (2010) 16.9 pts / P40 and 8.4 RB / P40
    -Bullock (2011) 19.6 pts / P40 and 9.5 RB / P40

    -McDonald (2010) 17.8 pts / P40 and 5.4 RB / P40
    -Hairston (2011) 25.4 pts / P40 and 6.8 RB / P40

    -Knox (2010) 12.7 pts / P40 and 8.8 RB / P40
    -JMM (2011) 17.2 pts / P40 and 11.5 RB / P40

    Overall, #6 through #8 players in the rotation are producing a 31% better scoring rate and a 23% better RB rate than last year.

  • gso_tarheel

    Thanks LarryS…that was very enlightening. Better bench numbers also partially related to better 3 pt %.

    About JMM being on the bench for 4 years. I would pray this is the case, cause that surely means a couple national championships in that span….

  • LarryS

    “Better bench numbers also partially related to better 3 pt %.”

    Most definitely.

  • DougNichols

    The numbers on Bullock and Hairston (and McDonald) over 40 are definitely impressive. They are going to have to shoulder a lot of the load next year along with Strickland.

    Heels are primed to lose…8 or 9 total players next year (Seniors on the bench + Zeller, Henson, assuming Barnes leaves, assuming Marshall leaves, and Stilman White going on mission?) so Bullock, Hairston, McDonald, and Strickland will need to show that leadership along with JMM maturing and improving.

  • scl11

    ^where is Marshall going next year?

    Unless he wants to play in Istanbul, he’ll be in Chapel Hill next season.

    I don’t care how many assists you drop a game or how well you see the floor, if you can’t defend, don’t have up side as an athlete, and can’t shoot the association will not be drafting you.

  • TarHeelGreg

    If JM McAdoo sticks around we’ll start seeing comparisons to George Lynch and maybe James Worthy.

  • LarryS

    Kendall Marshall needs improvement in all the areas that have been talked about, and I really doubt he will be tempted by the the NBA in any scenario short of a national championship, but every current mock draft I’ve seen has him going in the first round. (Haven’t seen Chad Ford’s at ESPN)

    Now one can say they’re all full of baloney, but the skills he does possess, assuming he will improve in other areas, are pretty attractive.

  • ^If I’m Marshall, I’d want to go right when I was projected to towards the end of the 1st round. Put him on the Heat and he’d average 15 assists a game…

  • DougNichols

    If UNC wins a national title this year, Marshall is done (and I was using the prospect of a national title as the basis for assumptions of losing players).

    Although I am not sure Marshall can keep up a double digit assist rate for the entire year, if he hovers around that 8-10 APG range for the entire year, he could easily be the first or second point guard in the draft.

    If UNC doesn’t win the title, Marshall will be back I imagine. Tar Heel players have a good history of coming back to settle unfinished business. But right now Marshall is the best PG in the country and it’s hard to imagine his stock going any higher than it will be by the end of the year. I can’t imagine his scoring game or defense getting significantly better with another year of play.

    Marshall may be a relative one trick pony, but it’s a hell of a trick to have and one that has the NBA salivating.

  • DougNichols

    Chad Ford has him (Kendall Marshall) at #25 of his top 100 and a mid 1st round pick.

    One of the best passers in college basketball
    Sees the floor exceptionally well
    High basketball IQ
    Pure point guard, always looking to set others up
    Good size for his position, strong
    Improving shooter

    Not an explosive athlete
    Lacks great lateral quickness

    When the only negatives you can really point to are “not explosive” and “lacks lateral quickness” you’ve got a can’t miss prospect.

  • gso_tarheel

    Much like Hansbrough, KM will prove doubters wrong in the NBA. Look for him and Rubio to have some entertaining duels in the coming years.

  • scl11

    29% from 3 is an “improving shooter”, Dexter must be the next Jeff Lebo then. I love Marshall and I think he is one of the best PG in the college game, but let’s be realistic here, he has a LONG was to go on his overall game. Who is he going to guard (or at least try to guard) at the NBA level?

    Can you imagine Marshall guarding Rusell Westbrook?

    If you are not a top all around player the NBA drafts on potential, what is Marshall’s potential that he already hasn’t capped out with his vision and passing ability. He isn’t going to get any faster, jump any higher, and his shooting will only get marginally better by the end of the season.

    #25 in a mock draft, means your a 2nd round draft pick once all the overseas guys are taken that no one expected, which means you’re playing in Istanbul or Barcelona. I find Kendall Marshall a little to smart of a young man to make that type of dumb ass decision.

  • tarheelmax

    I love Marshall, but just because Chad Ford only listed 2 negatives doesn’t mean he only has 2 negatives. Off the top of my head:

    1) He would be a very poor defender at the NBA level.
    2) He would be even less of a threat to score in the NBA, and he’s not much of one right now.
    3) He’s a poor 3 point shooter by NBA standards.
    4) He currently has a very low free throw percentage for an NBA point guard.
    5) He is not going to drive on anyone in the NBA right now and would not be a very good finisher around the rim.

    Because of all those reasons, I think he stays. However, I think by his senior year, if not next year, he will fix at least 2 of these if not 3 or more.

  • Based on Roy’s recruiting (signing Marcus Paige for next year AND Nate Britt for the year after), one could guess that he sees Marshall as probably a 3-year player, but probably not a 4-year player. Hard to imagine a team having 3, 5-star-ish PGs on the same roster.

  • makeitWayne22

    You guys need to watch a Timberwolves game, there is no reason Kendall could not do the exact same thing Ricky Rubio is doing.

    Ricky cant shot, is slow footed, and struggles finishing at the rim, but he can pass. That ability got him drafted in the top 10. Not saying Kendall is top 10, but the NBA execs now have an example of how kenall can be effective in the NBA.

    Another example is Iman Shumpert, not a huge college player, but if he gets the minutes will be a top rookie this year.

  • LarryS

    “I find Kendall Marshall a little to smart of a young man to make that type of dumb ass decision.”

    What type of dumb ass decision are you talking about?

    If Marshall leads the Heels to a national championship (which is the scenario being talked about where he might be tempted to leave earlier than next year) I can’t imagine his draft stock will get much higher, especially if he is so debilitated , as you say, NBA-wise, that there are very few areas to improve that would make much of a difference.

    He’ll be advised by Roy Williams, all the appropriate calls will be made, and he will no doubt know where he stands.

  • scl11

    ^^Reason #1 why the Timberwolves are one of the worse franchises in the NBA. The guy can’t defend or shoot, but he can make fancy passes, hey let’s use a top 10 pick on him and give him a head start on a Globetrotter career.

    There is a reason why most of those teams in that league are bankrupt.

  • Tarheelsincebirth

    The HEELS have a tough one tomorrow night against Miami. This team is stocked with great shooting guards. They are third inthe ACC for 3 point shooting. We need both Strickland and Marshall along with everybody to step up their defensive game against this team. I’s going to be a very close game.

  • Heel To The End

    does Miami even have a 1st round pick in the foreseeable future?

  • scl11

    “What type of dumb ass decision are you talking about?”

    Leaving 2 years early for a 2nd round draft pick………

  • AZACCFan

    The bar for guards in the NBA is very high. Marshall needs 4 years at UNC.

    He has plenty of areas to improve in. His skill areas are strong, however there are plenty of projects for him. He knows this.

    I think he is pretty focused on this season for now.

  • DougNichols

    There are plenty of teams in the NBA that have no need for a score first point guard, and it’s not like the majority of the point guards playing in the Association right now are what you would consider defensive prodigies either.

    Simply put, you can’t expect every single player (or need them) to be a great scorer, great passer, and great defender all rolled into one package. 9 times out of 10 it just isn’t going to happen.

    Marshall’s IQ, vision, and passing ability makes him a perfect floor general for an NBA offense. What he lacks in his own scoring ability he makes up for in making every single player on the court with him better. If he’s scoring 5-10 PPG less than what one might think he should to be a quality NBA player, he’s making up for that lack of offensive production by producing 10-15 extra PPG for his teammates via his passing.

    This is reminding me of the same things that people would say about Ty Lawson. Too small, his game won’t translate to the NBA because he won’t be able to get to the rim against NBA defenders, etc. etc. The truth is great players can find their niche in the NBA.

    I’m not expecting Marshall to be some type of superstar top 5 in the NBA PG, but his abilities make him highly coveted and can make him a very productive member on any team in need of SMART point guard play who will make those around him better.

  • scl11

    “If Marshall leads the Heels to a national championship I can’t imagine his draft stock will get any higher, especially if he is so debilitated, as you say, NBA-wise, that there are very few areas to improve that would make much of a difference.”

    There are plenty areas that he can improve, but not by the end of this season. He can improve his shooting for one and then he can also learn how to use his size to defend quicker players by the end of his junior or senior season.

    But no worries, I was worried about Scott and Grant lighting up Carolina tomorrow night, now that I’m aware that there is a lottery pick and a guy that will be starting on a NBA team next season, I am no longer worried. Guarding those guys from the U should be a piece of cake for an NBA ready point guard.

    The goal is not the first contract, but the second contract, leaving after this season does not help Marshall get to that second contract. And I think he is smarter and more competitive than that. Striking while the iron is hot is a great thing, but I’m sure Brandan Wright was hoping for more than a 1 year deal with his second contract.

  • makeitWayne22

    “The guy can’t defend or shoot, but he can make fancy passes, hey let’s use a top 10 pick on him and give him a head start on a Globetrotter career.”


    lets pair a pass first PG with the best PF in the NBA, but that would be a terrible idea wouldnt it.

    Wright is still in the NBA, something McCants or May can not say…. So yes strike when the Iron is hot.

  • scl11

    Did you just compare Marshall to the best PG ever to play at UNC?

    Lawson would eat Marshall’s lunch and then make him buy him dinner.

  • LarryS

    “Leaving 2 years early for a 2nd round draft pick………”

    And he’s going to go up that much in draft status by staying longer?

    Look if Kendall Marshall ends up in the second round , after winning a national championship, and after every mock has him going in the first this year, then is will hardly be a bad decision on his part. It will essentially be his only choice.

  • scl11

    Yeah Paul and Marshall are very comparable MitW22, what was I thinking.

  • scl11

    “Wright is still in the NBA, something McCants or May can not say…. So yes strike when the Iron is hot.”

    For 1 more year at least.

  • DougNichols

    Potential teams where Marshall’s type of play would be a great addition (also taking into account their current options at PG):

    Knicks - If Baron Davis can resurrect his career in NY, they would be solid, but after Davis you are looking at an aging Mike Bibby, Toney Douglas, and Jeremy Lin? A pass first point guard like Marshall would be just what they need to constantly feed Amare and Carmelo.

    76ers - Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams. Nuf said.

    Pacers - Darren Collison is the only PG listed on their roster. If anything they could use some depth.

    Heat - Although they have Norris Cole now to go with Mario Chalmers, one could easily see him fitting in with a team full of scoring options like the big 3. And the defensive ability of James and Wade alone would make up for any deficiencies in Marshall’s game.

    Lakers - Seriously, Steve Blake is not going to be who you want running the point guard spot when Fisher finally hangs up the sneakers.

    Phoenix Suns - Although he doesn’t have nearly the offensive game that Steve Nash has, I can’t think of a better player in college right now who could come in and replicate some of the assist ability that Nash is famous for.

    Mavericks - Jason Kidd won’t be around much longer, and a pass first option like Marshall could be effective at getting Nowitzki and other shooters and slashers the ball.

    Trailblazers - Just putting this here because it would be amusing to think of Felton, who was backed up by his successor Lawson for a spell in Denver, getting backed up by his successor’s successor.

    This is in no way trying to advance the idea that all of these teams would jump at the idea of having Marshall or spend a first round pick on him (although I can see some like the Lakers who are in desperate need for a successor at the PG position doing it), but you can’t say that he wouldn’t be a good fit for a bunch of teams in the NBA.

  • scl11

    “Look if Kendall Marshall ends up in the second round , after winning a national championship, and after every mock has him going in the first this year, then is will hardly be a bad decision on his part. It will essentially be his only choice.”

    Really, getting his degree, trying to win another title, while breaking Hurley’s all time assist record (not to mention Cota’s UNC record), along with being BMFOC for a couple more years sound like a good alternative choice if a non-guaranteed contract is all that is waiting for him at the next level. Especially when he can also be better prepared to succeed at that next level.

  • makeitWayne22

    Kevin Love is the best PF in the NBA, ricky rubio is a past first pg.

  • Make it Wayne, Kevin Love is absolutely one of the best, if not the best, under-rated, talked about PF in the league. This guy gives you 20 plus points, and 15 boards a game.

    And David Glenn, ESPN Radio, echoes my sentiments about JMM. He calls him a 4 year role player for UNC. I guess that’s a little more credit than I gave him earlier, but I don’t expect anything more than what he has already given. I know more game time will yield better total stats by default. ie, 5 points in 15 minues, 10 points in 30.

    David Glenn and his on-air callers are also vying for PJ Hairston to get more minutes, Glenn calling it absolutely rediculous for Roy to only give him 10-15 minutes a game.

  • scl11

    ^^Sorry thought you were referring to the Clippers and Griffin as the best PF, proves how much I watch the NBA, so you are picking the 3-5 Timberwolves with Rubio @ PG to win their division over the Thunder with Russell Westbrook @ PG?

    I bet the Rubio to Love connect was awesome in the the 3 wins……..

  • scl11

    JB, It won’t be the first time David Glenn has been wrong.

  • I know. Won’t be the first time I was either, lol. I hope he molds himself into the player we recruited him to be. But at this moment, Desmond Hubert shows me more than him. I like JMM’s size and ability in the paint, and with time I hope he figues out that’s where he needs to be.

  • scl11

    More minutes for Barnes or Hairston?

    I love seeing Hairston on the court and think he is going to be a big time player, but I’ll go with Barnes on that one right now.

    Maybe David and his callers should call into Roy’s radio show with those comments.

  • I don’t disagree with you SCL11, Im just telling you what the experts on sports are saying. I only know what I see. And yeah, Barnes>Hairston no doubt.

    LOL! I’d love to see Cowherd and Glenn call into the show! Bet they don’t get any further with Roy than I would.

  • LarryS

    “But no worries, I was worried about Scott and Grant lighting up Carolina tomorrow night, now that I’m aware that there is a lottery pick and a guy that will be starting on a NBA team next season, I am no longer worried. Guarding those guys from the U should be a piece of cake for an NBA ready point guard.”

    Good to see you’re back up to your characteristcally sarcastic ways.

    The whole point of this discussion - at least how it originally started - was that Marshall is viewed as being a solid, mid- first round prospect (#15 to #25) this year by many NBA-draft analysts. Not a second rounder. Of course the people who really know have him playing in Istanbul.

    Looks like we’ve gone beyond Beyond the Box today.

  • AZACCFan


    I guess Marshall should read all this and his future plans will be clear.


    He has plenty of things to work on.

    If he starts averaging 10+ points a game shooting >50% and doing everything else he is now and UNC completes the season as hoped for, he will have a chance of being drafted.

    But really he will get much more out of his basketball potential if he stays in school and excels at what he is doing now.

  • rathskellar68

    The NBA drafts scoring. KM is not a scorer. He is also not an NBA-level defender. He is, by NBA standards, slow and unathletic. He won’t be drafted this year.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the guy. As a college PG, he is super, and just what this team, with its frontline scorers, needs.

    C. Michael — If JMM is the second or third pick in the draft next year, I will buy you a steak dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria. I was up there about a month ago, and it is, as you might suspect, quite something.

    Henson improved considerably from his freshman to sophomore years, but not even he would have been the second or third pick then. (Now, of course, is a different story).

    JMM is more athletic than Hansbrough (the 14th pick), but not as strong and, as of now, not nearly as reliable a shooter around the basket as Hansbrough was the first day he stepped on the court. Second or third ain’t happening next year.

  • ^Rath,

    As much as I love a good steak dinner, I actually hope you are right, as I would love to see McAdoo playing alongside Isaiah Hicks as a junior, but I just don’t see it. Again, making judgments about a player who is getting limited minutes the first-half of his freshman year, especially a big-man, is very risky. No one really though anything of Thomas Robinson his first two seasons for the same reasons; now, he is the leading candidate for NPOY and will likely be a top 5-6 pick in a very loaded draft. And Robinson does not have the ceiling that McAdoo has.

  • Rath, I guess we just see McAdoo the same way, just like David Glenn and other insiders do. I hope we are all wrong. He seems like a good kid, and definately has a NBA body!

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