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UNC 87, Maryland 76

As I watched this game, this sequence from the classic movie Bull Durham kept playing in my mind:

Harrison “Black Falcon” Barnes made an early appearance, Tyler Zeller and John Henson ruled the paint, and UNC parlayed a 19-9 run over the last 7:31 of the first half into an 11-point lead at the break, which would also turn out to be the final margin.

Barnes dropped 21 points and Leslie McDonald chipped in 15 to pull the Terps out of an early zone, while Zeller put up 25 points and 6 rebounds on a crisp 10-for-16 shooting, and Henson just missed a triple-double with 10 points, 15 rebounds, and 7 blocked shots. Kendall Marshall had 10 assists and six rebounds to go with Dexter Strickland’s 6 points and 6 assists, as the Tar Heels had an eye-popping 23 assists on 32 made baskets.  And yet, Crash Davis’ words ring true as there was something just off about Carolina’s effort on Sunday night.

Maybe it was giving up 28 points to freshman guard Terrell Stoglin, or giving up 16 points and 19 rebounds to Maryland phenom forward Jordan Williams. Or maybe it was UNC taking a number of ill-advised shots early in the shot clock and only shooting 40 percent for the game while only making 1 out of the last 11 3-point attempts. Or how about the countless missed shots from point blank range, including one sequence in the first half where Carolina had at least 5-6 misses at the rim before finally scoring. And despite only having 11 turnovers, nearly all of them seemed to be bad decisions. Maybe it was the inability to blow the Terps out when given the chance (although big props to Maryland for not giving up and cutting the 18-point lead to seven). Perhaps it was the only one field goal and 10 total points from the starting backcourt, or the fact that Reggie Bullock continues to be mired in a slump I wouldn’t wish on anyone not playing for Duke.

I have said frequently that UNC fans are spoiled when it comes to arguing how sloppy a double-digit win over a potential NCAA-tourney team is, but I just can’t shake the fact that, as Crash said, in the show, UNC may have been ripped, especially if Maryland could have had a better showing than 2-for-14 from three.

Nevertheless, Carolina wins for the 18th time in its last 21 games and headed into the final week of the regular season is in a first-place tie with Duke at 12-2 in the ACC. I know the Nike t-shirt after Duke’s NCAA title last year was “order has been restored”, but after UNC’s disastrous season last year, to be 22-6, 12-2 in the ACC feels like old times. Plus Maryland has been a particular thorn in the Heels’ side of late, so a convincing win is refreshing.

Fox Sports had a telling graphic as to the turnaround in Carolina basketball and why Roy Williams should probably win ACC Coach of the Year: Last year’s starting lineup for the Maryland game was Larry Drew II, Marcus Ginyard, Will Graves, Ed Davis, and Deon Thompson. The fact that Roy has in essence replaced his entire starting lineup and has the Heels in contention for an ACC regular-season crown is a testament to the job he has done this season.

There is still a lingering feeling that, despite the gaudy ACC record, that UNC has yet to hit on all cylinders. C. Michael surmised tonight that - particularly when they play like they did tonight - Barnes, Henson, and Zeller may be the best 3-4-5 combination in the country. If the Heels can get consistent play from the other two spots on the floor, who knows what Carolina can do in March?

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76 comments to UNC 87, Maryland 76

  • gregrustin

    sc11 :f McDonald continues to shoot > 50% and drop 15 points off the bench, can someone explain to me why it is so important for him to start? I just don’t get it,


    because I am so tired of seeing km drive create space and feed a shooting guard who wont shoot. give butta the final piece of the puzzle to unleash this offense!!!! free butta free butta free butta

  • SouthernTarHeel

    Well…this game easily could have been a 25 point win. I mean, Jordan Williams should have fouled out about 5 times before he finally picked up his 5th. They missed plenty of fouls I saw. I was very happy with the way we played. Especially I thought Leslie McDonald had one of his better all around games (not just his shooting). I thought this was a good momentum builder. BTW, Maryland’s poor 3 point shooting should be attributed to the defense. We closed out on shooters very well tonight.

  • william

    It was like watching a cat toy with a mouse and for once, Scratchy won. What made me nervous was the BC game and the Maryland game in 2009, where we dominated but dissipated leads late in the game….

  • AZACCFan

    This one was great fun to watch and it was a learning experience for the Coach.

    Don’t take your volatile star out when he is lighting it up. IT PISSES HIM OFF. Do that a lot and he might think more about playing somewhere where they pay better!!!!!!!

  • AZACCFan

    Oh and what is it with the crazy player contact being allowed by the refs?

    The only good thing is that it has been regularly getting Zeller tuned up, especially in the second half of recent games.

  • william

    If we had lost, everyone would be talking about Harrison’s reverse dunk getting blocked….

  • Carolina0509

    Is it me or is Harrison Barnes taking way too many shots? It seems to me he is taking his shot before the shot clock has ticked down and before looking at other options. I understand he is a shooter and needs to get in to a groove but other options are available. Plus..What is happening to Reggie Bullock? He is in a real funk!

  • chapelhillfan

    Good analogy THF

    If my math is right, Bullock is 6-37 since the first BC game. Under the law of averages, that means he is due for about a 28-37 streak right?

  • Heel in Purple

    As ACC fans, I think we can all agree that Karl Hess sucks. Consistency is underrated, and Hess certainly does not have it. When Barnes is getting held trying to split a double, or getting hit in the head on a dunk, and then we “foul” a 3pt shooter twice, and we’re at home, seems a bit…unbalanced.

    It was great to see McDonald get going. Seemed to have confidence in his shot and wasn’t overly shot-happy. His passing needs to improve. He’s just a bit rushed especially trying to feed the post. I don’t mind him coming off the bench if he and Strickland can both do what they’ve done the past two games.

    Zeller was impressive and should be an obvious POG. He was aggressive, and played with some anger. The team needs him to continue his play the rest of this season. Henson making free throws and being a beast on defense is also important.

    Jay-Z said it best: On to the next one.

  • william

    I must be the only one. I never pay attention to, nor do I notice who the officials in any given game are….

  • Heel To The End

    you are the only one.
    Hess calls 2 of every 3 fouls in a game. he enjoys being noticed.
    when people know your name, 9 times out of 10 its because you arent very good.

  • william

    Anyone see that Marshall pass through Zeller’s legs?

  • william

    I know that no one seems to like Hess here, but doesn’t that mean some team in the ACC must love him? What team loves Hess?

    Our DC Fox (actually Comcast Sports Net) is really doing an in depth post-game show. They are just hammering Larry Drewll and giving Marshal tons of credit.

  • william

    This was a much better outing than our last home date against BC. It is always funny how when we lose badly, the site lights up, but when we have a better than average performance people go to bed, so, so will I…..

  • PRGuy

    If ACC Coach of the Year criteria goes beyond X’s and O’s and takes into account keeping a team composed despite losing three scholarship players due to transfers (one who quit in the middle of the season) then Roy is a lock.

  • rathskellar68

    Doc -

    For one of the very few times, I am more cheerful about the game than you are.

    There were periods of inattention and sloppy play, yes. But by-and-large, we were fast, determined, aggressive, crisp and, well, fun to watch. It was like a return to real Carolina basketball.

    I agree with your bottom line, though. If Marshall and Stickland can start to put up some points, we become an exceptionally dangerous team.

  • OldSchool

    No, Doc. This was an impressive win against a solid and determined Maryland team desperate to keep its NCAA hopes alive. Sure, the Heels would have been decisively beaten “in the show” (Bull Durham theme), but so would Ohio State, Kansas, and every other college team on even its best night.

    This was a good win for us, and the maturing process is ongoing for Marshall, Bullock, and Barnes. This could be a Final Four year folks. Go Heels!

  • gregrustin

    February 28, 2011 at 2:38 am
    Doc –

    I agree with your bottom line, though. If Marshall and Stickland can start to put up some points, we become an exceptionally dangerous team.


    this is my point. we all know by now that marshall is a keeper. now give him the 2 that can score and the backup pg to rest him. lmac has proven he can light it up and he can be adequate at def. if he is lighting it up, we wont need so much of the def cause with butta dishin and falcon scoring and the bigs looking like great bigs…..we dominate.

  • 850inExile aka UNC RAJ

    ^Dude… come on. If Lmac has three games in a row like the one he had last night I’ll be right with you leading the charge to make him a starter… but the last time you headed down this path was just before both Lmac and Reggie Bullock started a stretch of the worst performances I have ever seen from a pair of shooting guards in 20 years of watching UNC basketball. Oh - and Dexter Strickland was much better then McDonald a few days ago against NC State.

  • MDTarheel

    Can anyone tell me why Bullock plays. He can’t hit anything. I know he will come around and be a great player for the Heels. But right now he can’t hit anything. His minutes should be kept to a min. providing a breather for Barnes or helping out if someone is in foul trouble.
    Strickland should keep his starting job, he has shown enough improvement. LM is getting better but he is not consistent enough to start over Strickland.
    Sloppy win but its nice to beat MD.

  • LarryS

    ^^^ I really can’t believe I would bother to rebut this line-up changing silliness but I’ll just say I’m glad that fans don’t make these kinds of decisions.

    Even if one doesn’t understand the well-accepted value of having certain players be a spark off the bench, or the buy into the concept of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, it is just a mistake to start making changes to the starting lineup this late in the season when you don’t need to…..good coaches just don’t do that.

    If the idea is, well, it would make things even better, that’s fools gold. It doesn’t always work that way, and it’s a risk to even try, not to mention how it might affect team chemistry, etc.

    One other thing - once we start thinking that with just a little more offense we won’t need defense so much anymore, then that may be the beginning of the end. Offense is fleeting, McDonald, certainly among others, is hardly consistent and predictable..I could go on and on.

    I wish the chronic lineup changers would move to the back row and give it a rest.

  • Heel To The End

    good Lucas story @tarheelblue.com.
    Marshall: We want to be feared.


  • makeitWayne22

    John Henson almost had 10 rebounds in the first 10 minutes of the game…. Dude’s a stud

  • william

    Only 3 for 10 from the floor for Henson. He did dominate defensively. The Heels still only shot so-so, so watch out!

  • makeitWayne22

    in henson last 9 games hes avg. 12 boards and almost 4 blocks… that is a stud performance

  • Heels Perspective

    Maryland @ the DES may not be “THE SHOW” but I think it’s getting close. Maryland is a good, talented team especially with the emergence of Stoglin and the presence of Jordan inside.

    This game showed just how good the interior of the Heels has become on both ends of the floor. This team takes pride in defense and has a floor general that clearly makes the Heels a threat in THE SHOW!

  • scl11

    Can we get a dead horse thread for this starting lineup change with 2 regular season games to go garbage.

    This was a good weekend for UNC, hopefully it is not the peak. Because tying for the ACC lead with 2 games the go is not the same as winning the ACC Regular Season Title, ACCT Title, or going deep into the NCAAT. This team needs to stay focused. The Good news is that I still don’t think we’ve seen the best out of this team yet, and again if this team gets perimeter shooting to go along with the best front court in the country, they are a tough out.

  • “And yet, Crash Davis’ words ring true as there was something just off about Carolina’s effort on Sunday night.”

    My, how spoiled us fans have become in only a couple of months.

  • scl11

    Gary Williams is a class act, and I agree with william, it is really hard to dislike this Maryland team and their coach has alot to do with that.

    Gary Williams comments on Coach Smith:

    “I’d just like to say congratulations to Coach Smith on his 80th birthday tomorrow. He’s one of the guys when I was an assistant coach at Lafayette, I’d see him at camps or whatever in the summertime and he always had time to talk. Not just to me, but to a lot of young coaches, so I think there are a lot of coaches out there who all owe Coach Smith a great deal for what he did for the game and what he did for coaches. I just wanted to say that.”

  • william

    Their players were very complementary as well. That guard Stoggins or whatever, was pretty darn good.

    I do wonder what our record would be in the Big East, although some of that would have to do with who was set up as our rivals to play twice.

    Comparing seasons, this is looking a bit like 2006, although this team is much more talented. Hopefully, not all of the air will go out of the balloon the way it did that year with the back to back losses to BC and GMU, but regardless, UNC is back.

  • nativeheel

    I am quite comfortable to allow a hall of fame coach with two national titles at UNC to make out the lineups and decide who plays what minutes! This team has already far exceeded my hopes or expectations for this season. By subtraction they have become a TEAM that has exceeded the sum of their parts. On top of that, they are one helluva fun team to watch and to be a fan of. Anyone that does not agree expects too much from a group of players who have found ways to win big games at critical times. Our last “perfect” team was in 1957 and they were very good but damn lucky to have gone undefeated. I am just wishing for a win this week and a showdown game with Dook to follow!
    Go Heels!!

  • CotaFloata

    William, just as point of fact, rivalries don’t decide who you play twice in the Big East, the television companies do.

  • chapelhillfan

    There have been a lot of line-up arguments this year, but I agree that lobbying for s change in starters during the final week of the regular season is crazy. Last night’s minute distribution was spot-on, based on recent performance. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • gregrustin

    you guys are making the same arguments you made for keeping ldII. “well Roy knows best, ld plays def better….yada yada. and look where we are now. I told you after the ga tech game that Roy is great but stubborn and when he decides to do a change he will always rethink it if anything happens to give him more time…..well it did (lmac got hurt)…so he “rethunk”. i am not disappointed and i am very proud and excited, but i also see the big picture. strick is ready to backup and lmac is ready to be the assassin 2 we were looking for……..mark my WORDS. 2/28/11

  • dsteele23

    Great win…I’m still puzzled at the reason Dex starts? I don’t c this “great” d he supposedly plays. Other than that, my concern is with Dex being the only other guy to play point to rest KM wouldnt it make sense for him to come off the bench? Seriously worst case scenario what if Dex pics up 2 quick fouls and has to come out early? then what? No break for KM at all in a half. That may or may not ever happen but that has to be in Roy’s thoughts as a coach right? Besides Dex won’t shoot or atleast drive to create and finish or get fouled. Not saying Les or Reg are ‘great’ shooters but we have to get consistent play from those guards! ALL of them. This team can win it all honestly. What about this team is not better than say Dook except the coach is more aggressive it seems and they have aggressive experienced guard play? or even any team in the top ten? This is a Final 4 team if the bigs get the ball, keep playing d, and guard play balance out the team.

  • partsman5521

    What a difference a year makes. Last year I couldn’t wait for the season to be over. Now I can’t believe there is only a handful of games left. I don’t know where this team will end but it has been one fun season to watch. More so than with the Hansbrough teams, We knew they were suppose to win most games. But with this team, there was caution, a little fear of not knowing which team will show up. But more than not, they overcame and have the season championship in sight.. Good job boys……

  • When MacDonald was on the court: Maryland was +6 over the Heels.

    When MacDonald was off the court: UNC was +17 over the Terps.

    When Strickland was on the court: UNC was +12 over the Terps.

    When Strickland was off the court: Maryland was +1 over the Heels.

    Obviously not all Strickland/McDonald, but let’s not act like UNC is demonstrably better when McDonald is playing, because they aren’t.

  • faustus1500

    I think it doesn’t matter who starts on the wing. This is an area, opposed to point, where it doesn’t matter who starts the game for us. I like the ability for LMac coming off the bench and providing instant offense. I also realize there have been times where Strick stepped up when really needed.

  • Heels Perspective

    CM, I take from your post that one must look a little deeper at the game than points before one demands a change in the starting lineups.

    I will add to your stats that I think one must also look at whether LMAC or Strickland were on the court with Zeller (for example). And, one must must take into account if they were on the court when either Stoglin or J Williams of Maryland were on the court, then extraprolate from there.

    I’m not smart enough to do that, but the eyeball test tells me both guys were valuable last night. Teams will now have to respect LMAC and hopefully open the middle and teams have to get back on defense when Strick gets the ball in open floor even if he has trouble finishing.

  • carolinablue74

    “Fox Sports had a telling graphic as to the turnaround in Carolina basketball and why Roy Williams should probably win ACC Coach of the Year”

    If Roy does win the COY, it will be the biggest win by default. Up to the GT game this team looked nothing like it does today. The team, with more talent on the roster than any other team that does not wear a shade of blue, was for all intents and purposes NIT bound. The coach was destroying the confidence of his superstars by molly-coddling one mediocre talent and making 5 on 5 substitutions. In other words it was a train wreck in slow motion. That was until Mama Drew came along. So if Roy does win COY he should share it with Mama Drew.

  • ^^Or if you did want to look at game points, you could look at “points created” (overly simple form):

    Strickland: 22 PC (6 points, 8 assists); ORtg: 130.7
    McDonald: 15 PC (15 points, 0 assists); ORtg: 106.7

    But, overall, I do agree that both are very important to determining the ultimate fate of this team, and if UNC continues to get a combined 37 PC from the two, then they will be very difficult to beat.

  • scl11

    ^CM, stop being so rational, no one wants to hear that Strickland had a better offensive rating than McDonald. We know you can’t win with a “shooting guard who wont shoot” and the recent win streak for UNC is a statistical fluke that will correct itself unless McDonald is inserted into the starting lineup immediately.

  • makeitWayne22

    So when Dex plays great (like at State) no one comes to defend his starting spot, but finally Lesile makes some shots, and BAM he needs to start.

    Lesile barely plays any Defense, and never passes the ball…

  • MakhtarsMusings

    Good win last night. This team has grown with respect to staving off runs by the opposition. They were drowning a little when Maryland went on that 8-0 run in the first half but they battled right back. It’s a good thing to see. I don’t see any reason to change the starting 5. McDonald is rounding into a nice instant offense guy off the bench. Strickland is still providing the D they need at the 2 guard.

    Who was going nuts when Z threw it down last night? I thought of this place on that dunk and how so many call for him to slam it home.

    Barnes with an inconsistent night but it seems like whenever they really need a big shot he can deliver. The ACC and national tourneys will say a lot about him and whether he’ll be back next year.

    Henson is just unbelievable. I love when he gets switched up on a guard away from the basket and you can just see how uncomfortably the guard puts up his shot. He changes everything no matter where he is on the floor.

  • VaHeelfan

    Henson was 4-4 from the free throw line!!!! to along with the rest of his buldging stat sheet. team shot 77% from the line, this is a good sign.

  • logic

    Maybe I didn’t pay attention too well last night, but wasn’t that out most complete effort of the season when you consider the quality of the opponent? Maryland was playing like a top 25 team last night and we were in control from start to finish. Yes, of course we made many mistakes and can improve quite a bit. But, I see last night as the overall best 40 minutes we have played this year.

  • AZACCFan

    Rather than agitate for this or that lineup, it is high time to appreciate how the team has improved overall.

    There has been too little focus on the defense.

    Every recent game, the opposing team learns the hard way that they are not going down the lane. Henson had a huge start and his blocks (and Zeller’s) set up lots of transitions.

    Barnes is playing consistent very good defense. His guarded opponents have not been having good games and he has developed strong help defense, which is causing front line players plenty of problems.

    Shooting away from the basket is still inconsistent, but at least one player has been able to hit shots of late.

    I think it was unwise to pull Barnes when he was on a tear at the start of the game. When he is just playing, he does well. Take him out and start saying stuff to him or giving him time to re-analyze and it does not go well.

    Marshall made many great passes, including several in transition that set up plenty of points. Fast breaks off made baskets are really demoralizing and not good for the opposing coach’s Blood Pressure. Gary Williams for example.

  • william

    Is it correct that UNC’s game against FSU has no bearing upon who will be regular season champ?

  • scl11

    Most likely william, but not entirely correct.

    If Duke and UNC, both go 0-2 and FSU goes 2-0, there is a 3 way tie for first and FSU would win the tiebreaker for #1 seed in the ACCT. But more likely that Saturday in Chapel Hill is at least deciding whether the ACC Reg Championship is outright or shared.

    Check out Lunardi’s latest bracket, I’d take that in a heart beat with BYU and Notre Dame as the higher seeds in UNC’s bracket, St. John’s is the only team in the top 6 seeds that I would worry about for UNC.


  • ^Technically correct, but UNC and Duke play each other, so there is no possible way for them both to go 0-2. At least one of them will have 13 wins, so the best FSU can hope for is the 2-seed.

    Scenario 1: Both UNC and Duke win on Wednesday.

    Both enter Saturday 13-2, winner takes all at 14-2, loser is #2 at 13-3.

    Scenario 2: Both UNC and Duke lose on Wednesday.

    Both enter Saturday 12-3, winner takes all at 13-3. FSU is #2 if 12-4 and tied with Duke (head-to-head). FSU is #3 if 12-4 and tied with UNC (record versus #4, VPI).

    Scenario 3: UNC wins, Duke loses on Wednesday.

    Duke wins title with sweep of head-to-head.

    Scenario 4: UNC loses, Duke wins on Wednesday.

    UNC wins title by evening season-series and better record against #3 FSU (1-1 versus 0-1).

  • scl11

    ^ha, forgot UNC and Duke play each other, DUH, someone has to finish at least 13-3, so no chance for FSU

  • william

    I was going to say jokingly that maybe we should pull an Indianapolis Colts and let Watts and the guys below him on the depth chart play Wednesday and rest our starters, but I forgot about FSU….

  • MakhtarsMusings

    Hey can we talk about Kendall Marshall’s outlet passes? So nasty.

  • Oh, and BTW, that bracket would be a dream! The real question would be, if UNC and Mich. St. met in the S16, would Izzo just go ahead an forfeit immediately… ;)

  • gregrustin

    Kendall Freakin Butta MArshall

    that passin fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • faustus1500


    Are you familiar with Basketball State’s State number?

  • william

    UNC has had interesting dynamics with both Michigan and Michigan State.

  • CotaFloata

    C.Michael, if both enter Saturday 12-3, and carolina loses, then Carolina’d be the three seed, because the tiebreaker is the highest team not involved in the tie overall, not the highest team below the tied teams. FSU would be 1-0 against duke, carolina 0-2.

  • Cota,

    Yeah, you are right. I forgot that it went to the highest overall.


    No, can’t say that I am.

  • william

    Interesting in the lag for UNC in the polls. Apparently, after you burn the pollsters, they are leery of ranking you where you belong, which for UNC is probably now about right at 13. George Mason gets ranked after an unimpressive week, as well.

  • scl11

    I would take a #3 seed playing the regional out west with Notre Dame, BYU, and ST Johns as the other high seeds, over being a #2 in the East with Ohio St., Syracuse, and Uconn as the top seeds, even though Duke would get to play the regional at home.

  • LarryS

    I’m just looking at the teams ahead of UNC, currently, and wondering if we have a chance to get a #2 seed, even with a win out reg.-season finish.

    This leads to my also wondering about how much weight the committee puts on conf. tournament play. Can teams help or hurt their seeding much, depending on how they do in those tournaments?

  • makeitWayne22

    its just going to be nice to watch selection sunday, and hear Carolina called. Last year was one of the saddest days, esp after the dominance Tyler’s squad put on in the tourney.

    This year was all about making the tourney, and once that is done, everything else to a bonus

  • CotaFloata

    LarryS, I think we would almost certainly be a #2 seed if we were to win out, but that is a very tall order.

  • scl11

    ^depends? If ND, Purdue, San Diego State, and Texas run the table or make it to their Conf Championship finals then might be hard to find a spot on the #2 line. Would be surprised if ACC Regular Season and Tournament champ is not at least a #2 seed though. If Carolina wins Wed then beats Duke Saturday, then I think Duke and UNC are playing the conference tournament for the #2, loser gets a #3. If Duke wins Saturday I think they lock a #2, and then Carolina needs help to get to the #2 line if they can win the ACCT. Same thing if Duke wins out, they will need help to get to the #1 line.

    Currently Carolina is in the #3-4 line with a chance to move to a #2 with a 5-0 finish and down to a #5 with an 0-3 finish.

  • OT, but this kind of shocked me…

    Only once has UNC gone undefeated at DES since Roy has been the coach (2005). A win on Saturday would be #2.

  • rathskellar68

    Apart from the statistical case for Strickland, which CM makes above, two other factors strongly support keeping him in the starting lineup.

    First, you don’t make a change at this point absent manifest necessity. Thus, even if the comparison between Strickland and McD showed McD to be slightly ahead, you wouldn’t change. What with McD’s being slightly BEHIND, based on the most relevant numbers, the case against making a change is even stronger.

    Second, numbers are not, in my view, the most important consideration. More important is overall team chemisty, and a player’s fit with our style of play.

    I can’t prove it with numbers, but I can see with my eyes that Strickland’s savvy and floor sense have improved over the season. His timing is better, and his judgment. He also does unnoticed things well. And his speed is irreplacable.

    McD is the better shooter at this stage, and, yes, we could use the points. But as last night showed, the offense has started to flow, and produce, nicely with Strickland at the SG.

    Thus the wiser choice is to leave things as they are. For one thing, if it ain’t broke, etc.; and for another (and perhaps equally important), both Strickland and McD have improved as Roy has been steadfast with the current lineup. This will pay dividends down the line, and “down the line” month starts tomorrow.

  • rathskellar68

    CM -

    Could you remind me if anything else noteworthy happened in 2005?

  • rathskellar68

    william -

    Carolina IS at thirteen, according to the poll carried today on MSNBC.

  • I’ll assume you are not referencing the end of my graduate studies… ;)

    In that case, the only three things that come to mind are a scintillating win over Duke to close out the regular season (thank you Marvin Williams), a National Title, and Tyler Hansbrough enrolling at UNC. Not a bad trifecta.

  • CarMichael

    “how much weight the committee puts on conf. tournament play.”

    Sometimes the committee weights the league tournament games heavily. Some years ago (2004?) Maryland jumped from around a 7 seed to a 3 seed after winning the ACCT with a win over #1 Duke. Personally I think tournament games should be weighted equal to or slightly less than regular conference games. Teams are tired by the third game, and sometimes the top teams seem unmotivated.

    I wonder if we should move up to the #2 line (unlikely unless the top teams keep losing) whether Duke might push us out of the Charlotte pod. 2-seeds can easily get harder draws than 3-seeds, anyway, since the committee is blinkered by the RPI.

  • Dunno if anybody has mentioned it: the heels are #10 in the RPI today.

  • makeitWayne22

    Only once has UNC gone undefeated at DES since Roy has been the coach (2005). A win on Saturday would be #2.

    I remember watching the 05 DVD and May making a point about not losing at home…. From losing at home to Virginia a year ago, to potentially going undefeated at home. Roy thank you for everything you do…

  • Heel To The End

    ^^i mentioned it yesterday.
    along with dook still being #5 despite having the 2nd worse SOS in the top 20 RPI.

  • “I wonder if we should move up to the #2 line (unlikely unless the top teams keep losing) whether Duke might push us out of the Charlotte pod.”

    I don’t think it have an effect. Unless they changed something, the pods are independent of the region, so it would be no big deal to have two #2-seeds playing there.

  • william

    Granted, the movement up the polls has been slow, but if UNC wins out, it is hard to believe that they would not be a number two seed, not that it matters all that much. It is strange how different years play out. The 1994 team was a number one seed and finished second in the ACC. I think we tied for first in 1998 but got a one after winning the tourney.

    Someone said that it might be harder to win the Big East tourney if the top teams are actually trying to win, than the NCAA tourney, which could be correct.